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2-Hour Introduction Meeting - $500

Meet with Ben Dubin, an experienced Venture Capitalist and successful Entrepreneur to discuss launching your early stage company. Topics covered may include Idea Generation, Designing the right Business Model, Legal Structure Analysis, How and When to Scale, Marketing Segments & Target Market, Launch Plans, Presentations, Financial Models, Valuation and Raising Capital.

Raising Capital

Get real guidance on how to raise capital from private investors, venture capitalists and corporations.

Valuation Analysis

Understand how investors value your company and learn how to maximize its value.


Create presentations that work for your audience and accomplish your goals.


Identify the right markets to attack - and in what order.  Since most start-ups have limited resources, the right initial marketing plan is critical.

Idea Generation

Learn to create, develop and communicate ideas that will work within the context of the market, your team and technology.

Business Model

Design the best possible operation for your business by identifying revenue sources, customer base, product details and finances.

Why are you starting your company?  Because you know your product better than anyone, you know your customers and you have a burning desire to succeed.  You are more afraid of not doing it than failing!

Ben Dubin, MBA, EE CE

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