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Business Structure

We will analyze your business to determine the most beneficial legal ​structure for your company choosing from Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, S-Corporation, C-Corporation and LLC. We pay close detail to concerns of control, liability, investment, taxation, and equity.  

Capital Raising

Raising​ money can seem daunting... There is equity financing (“venture capital”) and various types of debt instruments available. We are here to help you understand the benefits and caveats of various financing methods as well as help you negotiate terms, secure intellectual property and fine tune funding pitches.

Process Improvement

We will work with you to develop “best practices” in your business accounting and operatio​nal processes such as Inventory Control, Customer invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Collections, Accounts Payable, Month-End Close and Financial Reporting (just to name a few!). We will suggest various technology solutions to optimize your time and money.

Revenue Recognition

We can help you structure revenue contracts to maximize your company’s needs and prev​ent surprises. We can also review debt other contracts (financing, lease, loans etc) before you sign them to make sure you understand financial statement impact, cash flow and tax consequences.


QuickBooks Services

We offer QuickBooks Online set up, training and ongoing support. We work closely with you to set-up a meaningful format for your financial statements an​d ensure proper classification of transactions. On an ongoing basis, we can do the accounting for you or train you to do the accounting or a combination of both.

Income Taxes

We offer business tax preparation of all kinds (C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership, LLC, Sole Proprietor) to o​ur accounting clients.  We also offer individual tax preparation and planning for our business owners. All document gathering is done through a safe, secure online portal. 

Sales Taxes

We know the ropes when it comes to Sales Taxes.  We can consult with y​ou about what is and is not taxable and help you follow the rules (which can be quite complex).  ​We will also file your California Sales Taxes.  If you have multi-state sales tax issues we will set you up with a third party vendor who specializes in multi-state issues and help you implement correct processes for compliance.

Profit Consulting

We can review your financial health and cash flow as well as consult with yo​u on the tax and compliance implications of present and future transactions. We will suggest strate​gies for reducing your tax burden and help you understand how your company’s processes and procedures impact your bottom line.


Filing Back Taxes

The first step to settling your tax problems is to file the latest 6 years of tax returns - the authorities will not negotiate with you until you ha​ve done so.  We are QuickBooks experts so we can help you re-create or clean-up your books so you have records for the business tax returns.  We can also get transcripts from the IRS to see what they "have" on you before we file your personal tax returns!

Halt the Collection Action

If you've had your bank account levied, we can get those actions temporarily stopped while we clean up the mes​s and get the tax returns filed.  It's critical to have a professional in your court once collection actions have started because they will continue to swoop down and clear out your bank accounts until you directly face the problem. 

Penalty Abatement

We can get penalties abated in certain circumstances.  First-time penalty abatement is easy to get but after​ that, there must be reasonable cause.  We can help you document the circumstances of why you didn't file or filed incorrectly.  The tax authorities are humans beings too and if you have a good reason for non-compliance, there's an excellent chance we can get the penalties and interest waived.

Options for Paying/Reducing Tax

Once we've filed your tax returns and hopefully negotiated some penalty and interest abatement, we can establish an installment agreement that works for you.  In som​e cases we can have the tax d​ebt lowere​d or extinguished  - but these cases are rare so don't fall for scammers out there who tell you it's no problem after taking a big retainer!

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