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According to our Clients....

"Rockstar of CPAs"

" Finding the right CPA is like dating. You have to wade through the sea of options available, sift through the nonsense, sometimes get burned - but I tell you now, it's well worth it when you find the right person. I wanted to find a person with the full package: experience, energy, resiliency, flexibility, and humor (although, I did initially imagine a Ben Affleck-esque accountant coming to save me with guns a blazing). My friends and family and colleagues said nothing - verbally. They just stared. It probably didn't help that March 15 was creeping up and my QBO was a mess. I was an utter mess of anxiety with the shakes. I'm not a praying person. But I prayed for a miracle. Cimmer agreed to meet with me and look over what I would need in order to complete all the required tax forms (I had a vague idea of what those were). In that short time, I knew she was going to be my Baywatch red floaty. And it was just like in the show!! She sprinted in with the red floaty in tow, hair whirling and all, to save me from drowning. The best part? She didn't just pull me out, she taught me how to swim! She gave me the tools I needed to clean up my books, showed me what my spreadsheets and numbers should look like, and translated the jargons of QBO/accounting/finance/numbers. She set me on track and pro'd through the taxes. I cannot put into words how much gratitude and appreciation I have for Cimmer. She is exceptional with so much knowledge and experience. I needed a person, not to do the grind work (that's what I needed to learn), but to have solutions with plans and execute processes and improvements. She's my rock star and I am ecstatic to have her in my corner. "

Elizabeth Kim of Patient Case Software

"True Business Partner"

"Cimmer has now been with our medical office team for close to 4 years . She has implemented QBO, Intuit Payroll, integrated HubDoc for invoices , QuickBooks Time for payroll time tracking and streamlined our bookkeeping and business operations in addition to tax planning and preparation. She is a true business partner and in 35 years we have honestly never had a better experience ."

Caroline Duckham of D. Jeffrey Duckham Medical Office

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